Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Caffeine Machines

One issue at Edina High School is that things can change and we don't get much of a say in them. A recent example of this is how all our pop machines got taken out of the school by the EHS board of education. I fully understand how big of a problem obesity is, but I believe that kids should still get the right to choose. Taking away pop is not going to make kids stop craving it & give us better habits as we grow older; if anything it makes us want it more. I think most of the kids miss their daily caffeine fix :) & will probably just start bringing pop from home. Now we're back where we started, not really solving any obsesity problems at all.

Till next time,


Mr. Hatten said...

Kels: Your blog looks nice. Keep up the good work. You're not the only one writing about pop machines, so obviously you've struck a chord that is true to the Edina experience. Nice job.

kelsey m said...

kelsey, i agree with what you said. They did not help by taking the pop machines away, we still are going to want pop and just bring it in ourselves. and i like your title, very clever:)

Emma's Journalism Blog said...

I like you're first sentence because it opens up what you want to talk about really well. I also like your ideas.. I know I miss my daily caffeine fix :) Good job kiddo!