Thursday, October 25, 2007

News Story #1: Positive Effects of 212

1) Slug: PEO212- 10/25/07

2) Section of newspaper story would appear (no Op-Ed): Features


3) What are the most dominant news elements in the story? Explain in-depth:

News element#1: Proximity. Why? This story is close because 212 is a student-led group at our school, and the issues that 212 are helping tackle are all issues at Edina High School.

News element#2: Timeliness. Why? The spirit team at 212 is helping our student body show positive school spirit at football and soccer games (which are going on this week and next). Also, the clean team helps remind students to keep the lunchroom clean everyday, which is also timely.

News element#3: Human Interest. Why? I will be featuring one or two students on 212 and interviewing them on what they think of 212 and some of the problems that 212 is working on solving.

4) In a few sentences, describe what the story will be about: My story will be about all the different teams on 212: the clean team and the spirit team, and how they are positively affecting Edina High School this year. I'm not sure if there are more teams than those on 212, but I plan to find out in my interviews.

5) Specifically, who will you interview or contact? Why those people?

Dr. Locklear- school principal. Why? He was the one who created 212 this summer and I would like to interview him on why he started this group and what they are planning on doing keep positively impacting the school.

Jack Dressen-senior student at EHS. Why? Jack is a member of 212 and is at almost every single soccer and football game this year. Jack shows positive support for the teams by yelling appropriate, positive cheers and encouraging other students to join in as positive spectators of these sports.

Matt Schroeder or Joe Wagner- junior students at EHS. Why? They are also members of 212 and could give more student perspective of 212 and I would interview them on how they feel being in this group. Also, I would ask them about the different 212 teams and which ones they are involved in.

6) What information do you need to gather before you begin interviews? Before I would assemble my questions I would try to find as much information about 212 as I could so I would know what kind of questions to ask the people I am interviewing. I would check the Edina School website to find out if this group has their own website with information about them.

7) What questions do you definitely need answered in your interviews? Why? What are the different groups of 212? Why did Dr. Locklear decide to start 212? What are the issues at EHS that this group is facing right now? How is 212 planning to solve these issues? How often does 212 meet? Does 212 have all grade levels at EHS or just upper classmen? What effect do the students in 212 feel they are having on the school? How many people are involved in 212? If other students are interested, can they join 212?

8) What photo opportunities are available to go alongside this story (give names, places, times, etc.)? I would find out when 212 has a meeting and possibly go and take a picture of their calaborating? I could go to a football or soccer game and take a picture of 212 positive influence of school spirit on the students.

9) Who should a photographer contact to set up photographs? Contact Dr. Locklear.

10) What concerns or problems do you foresee in getting this story together? A problem I see is working around Dr. Locklear's schedule to get an interview.

11) Other information?

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